Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hong Kong Visa Requirements

The following is a summary of the different categories of Hong Kong visa, allowing a temporary stay in the country. Find out about permanent immigration options by visiting the Hong Kong immigration page.

Work in Hong Kong

For a general employment-based Hong Kong visa you must be educated to a university standard (although exceptions are given for certain types of jobs), and have in your possession proof of an offer of employment including a pay and benefit package which reaches the normal standards of living in the city. Fill out our free Hong Kong visa application form to see if you qualify.

Study In Hong Kong

When applying for a study visa for Hong Kong, primary or secondary school students must prove that they have been accepted into a private academic institution (visas are not given for public schools). For higher education students, proof of acceptance into a public or private university is required. A student applying for a study visa in Hong Kong must also prove that they can pay for the fees of the course.  can help you find out if you meet the Hong Kong visa requirements, so click on the free assessment button to start your HK visa application today.

Residence as Dependent

If you are in possession of a work, business or study visa for Hong Kong your spouse or unmarried children under the age of 18 can apply to join you in Hong Kong. Take the free assessment to find out if you can apply as a dependant.

Visiting Hong Kong

In most cases, to holiday in the city you must have a temporary Hong Kong visa. To qualify you must prove that you have adequate funds for your stay without working and possess and onward ticket. Click on the free assessment below to find out if you qualify. Find out further information on our Hong Kong Immigration page:


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